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Village Development Committees Convention

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Decades of dedicated service to millions of people

Bala Vikasa Social Service Society is a registered, non-profit, non-governmental community development organization, based at Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India. For decades it has been effectively implementing relevant community development programs, predominantly in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Committed to integrated development of rural communities, Bala Vikasa is presently active in approximately 2000 villages. It is changing the lives of millions of people, irrespective of caste, race, religion or politics, through various development initiatives such as Women Integrated Development, Water, Youth, Food Security, Environment and Education for orphan and needy children, training and capacity building programs for all the target groups. Besides reaching out to 22 states within India, Bala Vikasa has expanded and included in its knowledge sharing programs 23 countries around the world.

Mrs. Bala Theresa Singareddy Gingras, an Indian born Canadian, a great philanthropist and visionary, with the support of her husband Andre Gingras and friends, established SOPAR, an international, non-profit development organization in Canada in the year 1977. With her mission to help the deprived people of her motherland, India, she founded Bala Vikasa in the year 1991, as an offshoot of SOPAR. Appreciating the commitment and the competence of the founders and the staff and the success of Bala Vikasa programs over the years, a few other donors from various countries have come forward to support the mission of Bala Vikasa.

 Bala Vikasa not only plays the role of executor of many programs, it also implements projects through other NGOs and CBOs that work with similar objectives. With two decades of experience, Bala Vikasa is creating effective community development models and transferring them to like-minded organizations. 

The motto of Bala Vikasa, `helping people to help themselves’ is well entrenched in all its programs and projects, since it believes in the potential of the poor to steer their own destiny.

The ‘Ten development principles’ framed by Bala Vikasa, form the foundation of all programs and projects, aimed at empowering people. 


2 & 4 Week Community Driven Development (CDD) Training Program with Field Exposure.

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BV PDTC Capacity Building Training Programs.

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